Stray Succubus: Owning an Erotic Paranormal Pet

Stray Succubus: Owning an Erotic Paranormal Pet

Genres: Demon, Domination
Tag: Solo
Publication Year: 28 August 2018
Length: 4,000 words

When he ran to her rescue, Connor didn't expect to be confronted with a real succubus or that he would be roped into feeding her.

About the Book

Connor thought he was running to the rescue of a woman being assaulted. He didn’t expect to come face to face with a real, live succubus. A starving one. Every guy before him ran from her overeagerness to jump into bed, sensing a trap. He did too, but was willing to chance it after taking a few precautions. Sometimes it pays not to avoid the crazy ones.

This 4,000 word Paranormal Erotica short is full of hot succubus loving that is definitely meant for mature readers who enjoy stories with the domination of a gorgeous demon woman who just wants suck the life out her target.