Erotic Public Displays: Recharging Her Paranormal Battery

Erotic Public Displays: Recharging Her Paranormal Battery

Genres: Magic, Public / Outdoors, Solo Play
Tag: Solo
Publication Year: 17 August 2018
Length: 4300 words

Her magic battery needs one thing to charge—a naughty solo act in public involving her, a lack of clothing, and toys.

About the Book

Now that she’s inherited magic—real magic—from her great-aunt, she wants to use it to get all the things. There’s just one catch. She has to charge her magical battery first. And that doesn’t mean plugging it into a charger. This is a paranormal battery, and it requires very specific energy. The energy gained from enjoying her solo time in a public place where she might get caught. It’s a chance she’ll just have to take to gain the power to do whatever she wants.

This 4,200 word Paranormal Erotica short is full of hot self-loving that is definitely meant for mature readers who enjoy stories with naughtiness in public spaces.